Delay (Exhibition 2017)

FLYER 2017 website

”Delay” shows the mediation between a controller and its machine. The machine contains mechanical tools that operate on behalf of the controller’s vision. While the technology is relatively comprehensible, the results of the interactions are obscure however an intuitive process. The activity is set, yet it resembles no existing logic, rather its own.

Telecommunication via the virtual reality have become a dominant mode of technology in our daily life. That enables us to reach to a myriad of information and angles which often leaves us in confusion. My work is an artistic attempt at restoring the loss of control over the reality, by making it tangible by analogue means. It is not about looking for answers, but it is about the delay of understanding.

Documentation of the ‘Delay’ installation presented in Galery Block C.

Stills from the film ‘Delay’ (duration: 5 minutes)